Year: 1485 A.D.

Venue:Samrathal Dhora in middle of Thar Desert - Rajashtan(India)

An event, which will change the lives of millions for the centuries to come, is taking place here. Birth of a radically different, one of the most progressive religions in the world:

Jambho Ji, an unmatched visionary of his times, had not only completely understood the complex bond between man and nature, but also used a powerful medium, religion, to help masses imbibe the fine principals of co-existence with nature.

Jambho Ji prescribed 29 golden commandments or rules, an eclectic collection of wisdom distilled from the best of religious and social practices across the world, for one to be called as Bishnoi.

So powerful, logical and simple were his teachings that people from all races and creeds, including Moslems, embraced it to form the basis of Bishnoi religion. In a cast ridden Indian society, where forced conversions was the buzzword of the time, this fusion, of different opinions emanating from people of different religions, in a reverse direction was nothing less than a miracle.

29 commandments {20 (Bis in Hindi) + 9 (No in Hindi)}, not only provided a basis for naming of the newly found religion, Bishnoi, but also acted as a reference guide for millions to live in complete harmony with their environment and establish a symbiotic relationship with nature.


Year: 1730 A.D. Venue: Khejadli in Rajasthan (India):

This sleepy village of Jodhpur district, is going to witness one event, unparalleled in the history of mankind. An event which pioneered the Chipko (Tree Hugging) movement of 20th Century. Not one, not two, not even a dozen, but 363 (Three Hundred and Sixty Three) women, children and men laid down their lives (Supreme saka) to protest against attempts of local King's men to cut green Khejadli (Prosopis cinraria) trees. While this massacre was on, children, women and men kept chanting Guru's (Jambho Ji) one of teachings:

"Sar Santey Rookh Rahe To Bhi Sasto Jaan"
(If a tree is saved even at the cost of one's head, it's worth it)